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Nowadays there are tons of websites where you can post articles for free and without much effort mainly with the aim of placing links to your website. These articles are hardly read and often have little value for the reader. For Google, this is penalty material. Nevertheless, we notice that this still contributes to the SEO results in practice. It is very difficult for Google to assess what are good and not good article websites. However, Google is busy with this, so this can change just like that.

Link page or start page link building

Home pages have thrived in the early years of the world wide web. They were clear pages that easily categorized relevant websites. However, with the development of search engines such as Google, they became increasingly obsolete. In addition, they were used to easily generate links to websites. However, with the arrival of Panda 4.0, this was punished mercilessly. These pages contain little content and many links (over which the link juice of the page must be divided over many links). To keep it short; many home pages today have little to no value. 

This is easy to judge; see if you find this page useful. If not, Google won’t find it helpful either. These are usually the low quality links. In fact, according to Mozof the 2,678 home pages examined, 20% were penalized or banned. This can be checked, for example, by checking whether the pages still appear in Google. You can buy backlinks and have the right result there.

Website appears in Google

 Buy Backlinks: In general, bought backlinks are never good. These are by definition unnatural links. Let that be exactly what Google has been hunting for years. That is not to say that it cannot necessarily have a positive effect on your rankings. There are certainly purchased links that still work, especially if they don’t look like purchased links. But again; Google is chasing this and this can change just like that. 

Use internal link building

They are not the most important links, but they are a very good foundation. It ensures that you have the link structure on your own website right before you start providing external links. Google likes a good website structure with many links that lead to relevant pages on your website. But above all; link a lot to the most important pages on your website, so that those pages get the most score.

Do not engage in AB link exchange

Link exchange means that you place a link to our website and I place a link back. A few years ago this worked fine. Today, Google is aware of this. It’s also called AB link swap. What still works is ABC link swap, or pyramid link swap. I place a link to you, you place a link to another website and that website places a link to me. Make sure that the websites from which you get the links are relevant! Here too, it is of course unnatural link exchange. But the answer to the question ‘does it work for SEO?’ is simple, ‘yes’. Remember again; Google is not happy with it and this could have consequences in the future.


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