Take a Glance at the Design of Samsung Galaxy A12

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We have been utilizing the Samsung Galaxy A12 for quite some time now. We are today sharing our experience in our evaluation of the Samsung Galaxy A12. Prior to we continue let’s swiftly see what’s the most significant USP of the phone. The device includes a 48-mp quad-camera configuration as well as a 6.5′-inch Infinity-V HD+ display. It likewise loads a 5,000 mAh battery and costs under the sub 301 AUD segment. With that said let’s take a look at the design.

Design as well as Display

In regards to layout, a Samsung Galaxy A12 and a Galaxy M12 are identical, which has been recently assessed. It bears the same sturdy structure on a lot of parts of the rear panel other than the bottom quarter where you will locate a smooth surface. An advantage concerning the rear panel is that it does not draw in any fingerprints or smudges. There is a quad rear electronic camera set up on the left-hand edge of the back. Unlike M12, the camera bump of the Galaxy A12 is a bit raised and does not lie completely flat.

Despite having a heavy video camera bump, it doesn’t totter when it is gone on a hard flat surface area. The phone does feel large in the hand; however, the weight distribution is good. Customers will take a while to become used to it.

On the energy front, it has a power switch which is likewise a fingerprint scanner in addition to the volume rocker that is provided on the ideal side of the frame. To be honest, the side-mounted scanner for the fingerprint is as fast working as the Galaxy M12, which is a good thing. The left side of the structure is clean except for the twin SIM tray being placed on it. The earphone jack, USB Type-C port as well as speaker grill are provided at the bottom.

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