Composition Errors You Should Avoid In Your Portraits

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Whoever has a camera in their hands has shot a portrait. I can assure you almost 95%. It is very difficult to escape the portrait. Practically impossible, due to its attractiveness, because we feel identified with other subjects because we have it at hand because they ask us to. Do you want to know these mistakes, so you don’t make them again? Settle in! They come with very illustrative examples.

Do Not Fill The Frame

Dare with these very close-ups without fear of scissors, that is, do not be afraid to cut. Fill the frame, do not leave air around if it is not necessary and you will see how your portrait has a much greater impact, you will manage to take more than one spectator’s breath away

Forgetting The Importance Of Light

Light is not only necessary to achieve a photograph, nor is it just an element that you will have to control so that it is well exposed. Light is also a compositional resource. Ignoring this is something that most of us who like photography commit at first, either due to ignorance or lack of practice, but a top ps plug-ins can correct it.

Distracting Funds

There is nothing worse and more frequent than a distracting background in a portrait. Well yes, there is another mistake that goes hand in hand and is to focus your eyes (now I will tell you about it). A distracting background is going to load your portrait for very sharp, for very expressive, for very personal or for very different to be. Never photograph your model in front of a background that distracts attention.

Do Not (Never) Blur The Background

Sometimes it is not necessary to blur the background because it is not distracting. It’s okay not to do it if you have any interest, what’s wrong is never to blur it, whether you want to add more effects or you have not seen a better photoshop for mac,  playing with blur in a portrait, shooting with very large apertures is a very easy resource that allows you to achieve fast and very impressive results.

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