AccessiBe – Discover the Unique Features of This Innovative AI Empowered Interface

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As per the American Disabilities Act(ADA) Title III, business sites should be accessible to people with physical disabilities, or they will face litigation and unwanted legal costs. If you are the owner of a business, you are under this legal mandate to make your website ADA compliant. Till now, there was no one-stop solution for businesses to make their sites accessible to everyone. They had to resort to manual techniques, and for most business owners, this was an expensive affair. One had to hire developers for the task, and with the site maintenance costs, the bills were quite high for a company.

AccessiBe is a credible web accessibility overlay company that deploys artificial intelligence technologies to make websites accessible to their optimal levels. It is super affordable and convenient for developers, designers, and project managers to use.

The Company also has a remediation platform for professionals who are looking for complete tools for enhancing the web accessibility of their sites. The platform gives them extensive tools for developing, monitoring, and alerting issues of web accessibility. Besides this remediation platform, there is an online learning hub to help professionals delve deeper into the subject of web accessibility to become informed and aware.

Coming back to this innovative solution, the overlay ensures that sites are accessible to everyone and compliant with the ADA, WCAG, and other legislation related to accessibility. With the aid of automation and artificial intelligence, this solution reduces expenses and time, making web accessibility attainable for all business houses.

Its first version took about 18 months of development and sought help from people with physical disabilities. The process continues even to date. The research and development team collaborates closely with visually impaired users who have motor disabilities, epilepsy, and others with similar disorders.

How does it work for users online?

This innovative AI-empowered solution deploys two applications that work together to attain compliance- its interface and the processes empowered with artificial intelligence technologies.

An interface is a UI tool used for making adjustments; the whole interface has a session-based unique design. All the adjustments made by this tool are compliant with AAA requirements and WCAG 2.1 AA.

Machine learning technologies to boost efficiency

Besides the above, the machine learning technologies in this advanced solution deploy computer vision and contextual understanding for addressing complicated back-end needs for making adjustments to the screen reader of the site and navigation of the keyboard.

When you are working with this innovative solution, you get an accessibility statement after its first remediation. This statement can also be seen from the interface. It confirms the compliance status of the site to all the visitors to it.

The interface of AccessiBe is extensively designed to address web accessibility-related requirements related to website readability and UI design. Users get the option to select a disability profile, for instance, a “visually impaired” profile, for activating all the adjustments they need for accessing the site without hassles at all!

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