Why Choose The HPE Proliant Dl160 Gen10 Server?

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Choosing the right secured server has always been a tricky task as there are a lot of brands and models available to pick from. Each brand and model offers varied types of processors, storage, connectivity, and many more features, especially for small businesses with low budgets who do not need all the configuration features. Lowering the budget, small business already narrows the options available, and to get the best server with the perfect balance of quality and material seemed impossible earlier.

To cater to the needs of such small businesses and companies, HPE ProLiant dl160 gen10 has entered into the line. It is an entry-level 1U server that has tightened down the compatibility, including the CPU’s available and the security drive to fit right for the companies that do not require much advanced compute abilities. 

Unique Specifications

  • It includes a different configuration in a small form factor option with eight drives of 2.5 inches each.
  • Four 3.5 inches drive for those who want a little more capacity 
  • It has two 300 GB SSD for paired boot 
  • 2.4 GB SSD for storage
  • 2x Intel Xeon scalable silver 4110 processor 
  • 2x Intel Xeon scalable bronze 3106 processor 
  • Offers a chipset of Intel C621
  • Intelligent array RAID storage controller
  • Internal micro SD card slot.


A system with an HPE ProLiant dl160 gen10 server can support a maximum of 256 GB of memory using either two 3106 processors or silver 4110 processors. 


Each processor can handle up to six memory channels supporting eight memory modules; four support single memory modules amongst these six channels: the remaining two support dual memory modules, each in a 2+1+1 configuration. However, only registered memory modules can be supported and operated at speeds up to 2400 MHz.


HPE ProLiant dl160 gen10 server includes supporting drive configuration along with 4×2.5 inch drives and 4×3.5 inches drive. However, the storage is provided for a supervisor through a micro SD card slot at the back of the system on the motherboard.


HPE’s connected light out standard supports the management of the system. Along with intelligent provisioning. As per your convenience and to add more functionality, you can also upgrade the HPE’s connected light out standard to an advanced premium security edition.


HPE ProLiant dl160 gen10 is an overall smart and intelligent choice for small businesses with tight budgets. This server is ideal for standard business applications and middle-level virtualization

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