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Web Design Myths Busted: Dispel These 5 Misconceptions!

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If you think web design and development is as easy as clicking here and there, think again. Many misconceptions are going around web design, and several causes include using free applications that offer ready-made ones.

Some people think they can spend additional time developing a website. Here are popular website design myths and the facts behind each one.

1. It’s a DIY job

Unless you study web design and development, you can say it’s DIY. However, potential clients won’t be impressed if you build your website like other pre-made offers. A well-thought-out web design leads to higher conversion rates and better growth.

2. Publishing it will attract customers

When your website goes live, that’s only where your business begins. If you aim for ecommerce website design, publishing it won’t automatically invite customers. Only when you create content and update your services can you expect sales, which is something a professional can help you with.

3. Professional web design is expensive

Regarding websites, it’s all about knowing if your acquired web design services are worth your investment. Trusting an expert in web design and development who knows what they’re doing is the best way to ensure you get what you want and achieve your objectives.

4. An update is not necessary

Your website has to be updated regularly and meet search engine optimisation (SEO) standards. Professionals in web design and development know-how updates and redesigns work. They can help you stay current with the newest trends.

5. You don’t need an expert opinion

Although it is your website and you’re hiring to make your ideas come to life, you should also consider the opinion of website design experts. They’ve been creating websites for years and can give you their informed advice on how to proceed.

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