Reasons why you need a standup desk for your home office!

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With the current Covid-19 pandemic, many of us are working from home, and it might be a while before we head back to our offices normally as before. If you are working at home, you must have a designated workspace, no matter how small. One of the important things you need for your home office is a desk. Instead of a standard table, a standup desk might be a good investment. Yes, standup desks cost a tad more, but if you check websites, like that of Prime Cables, you can get great products at awesome prices.

What exactly is a standup desk?

A standup desk allows the user to shift and move between sitting and standing positions, as needed. These desks can be adjusted manually, or can be powered by a motor. Electric standup desks are more expensive, costing at least $250 or more, but you can switch positions at the press of a button. Some desks do have additional features like footrest and keyboard tray. Note that many desks do not come with the tabletop, so you have to order one additionally.

Benefits at a glance

  • Prolonged sitting for long hours can lead to back pain, especially chronic pain over the years. With standup desks, you are essentially switching positions every hour or so, and therefore, there is less pressure on your back and spine.
  • Excessive desk-manning can also lead to weight gain. Standing always burns more calories than sitting, so in that context too, standup desks are a good investment. As we talked earlier, if you go for an electric variant, adjustments don’t have to be tough.
  • There is some evidence that standup desks may help you focus and concentrate better, which is one of the prime reasons why offices are investing in these products. Sitting for long can slow down your activity.
  • With standup desks, you can also break monotony at work. Some of our jobs are stressful, and when we are working in the same chair for hours, it can take a toll on our mind and how we work. Many users claim that standup desks do help in handling stress better.

Finally, let’s not forget that standup desks are designed for professionals who often have to move around the workplace. At home, there might be times when you have to move from one room to another, or manage other things. Such a desk would be highly useful, without doubt.

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