Proxy Servers for Individual Use

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Users often underestimate proxies because they don’t understand how this technology works. Yet, such tools can greatly improve one’s security during online activities. Let’s learn more about them to define whether the service is a waste of money or a helpful feature.

What can a proxy server do?

The main function of a proxy server is working as an intermediate between the computer and the Internet. One can find plenty of images online that show how the connection works. However, there is no need to learn such details, when you know all about the technology’s advantages.

In this brief review, we’ll focus on the things and features proxy servers offer for individual use.

  1. An IP address is a kind of sensitive information. Proxies (depending on the type) hide this data, increasing users’ anonymity. Aside from hiding one’s IP, users can protect other personal information, too.
  2. This feature also allows using websites that would be otherwise blocked in one’s region. It comes in handy for users who like online shopping on American sites, streaming platforms like Netflix, different online games, etc.
  3. Servers encrypt the data and shield the computer from viruses because the device doesn’t have a direct connection to the Internet. The transmitted data is shielded by encryption.

When using such services, users must choose reliable providers. Free services often bring poor experience with tons of ads, questionable no-log policies, other privacy concerns. Premium services secure better browsing speeds, additional security. Choose wisely to have the best possible experience.


It’s obvious now that there are many reasons why people should start using proxy servers. No one can deny these benefits exist. However, such services can lead to some risks, too. Choose reliable providers to get the best possible experience.

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