5 Rules To Follow When You Choose A Professional Email Address

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Emails are still preferred by most organizations for professional communication. Regardless of the size of the business, having a professional email address is essential in today’s times. When you opt for a hosting service for your Business Emails, you get the option of choosing the email address as per your needs.

Today, we will offer five rules that you can follow while choosing the best Business Email address.

Rule 1: Choose the right domain

When you opt for a Professional Email service, you have the option of choosing the domain name – the title after the ‘@’ sign in an email address. Typically, in a professional email address, the domain name is the name of the website or the company sending the email. This is usually done to build trust and boost brand awareness. When you create a professional email address, ensure that the domain is original and relevant to your business.

Rule 2: Keep the email address crisp and simple

If you are creating a Business Email address for an individual, try to use his/her name in the first part of the address. Most people create a professional email address by using the format: This helps the receiver of the email understand that the email has been sent by the person with the first and last name as visible in the email address. Also, the domain specifies the name of the company. On the other hand, if you are creating an email address for a specific purpose like information, support, etc., then ensure that the email address describes the function clearly.

Rule 3: Avoid nicknames

We have seen many professional emails having the nickname of the user. For example, or, etc. Do these email addresses look professional to you? Avoid them at all costs.

Rule 4: Keep the email address easy to spell

If the email address is easy to spell, then it is usually memorable too. Also, with most people using their mobile phones to send and receive emails, misspelling an email address is common. Hence, ensure that your email address is easy to spell and remember.

Rule 5: Create several variations before finalizing

A great way to find the best email address is to list down all possible variations and read them aloud. Let’s look at some examples for an email user named John Doe working with Small Company Limited:

  •, etc.

The following video further lists down 5 things to be careful about while choosing an Email Hosting provider:

Summing Up

In a free email service, there are several restrictions in creating an email address. So, if your name is John Cash and there is already an email account by the name, then you cannot create the same address. This is because, in free email services, you cannot choose the domain name you want. However, when you opt for Email Hosting, you can choose the domain you want and create a unique email address as needed. The tips mentioned above can help you create a professional email address in no time. Choose the perfect Business Email Hosting service and email address for your business and watch it grow. Good Luck!

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